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  Dear Colleagues,
  As you are no doubt aware, whaling continues despite the 1986 Moratorium and the 1993 Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
  ·        Past serial depletion of whales stocks worldwide demonstrates that hunting long-lived, slow-growing mammals is fundamentally unsustainable – particularly when there are profits to be made!
  ·        Past illegal whaling and massive under-reporting of catches clearly show whalers were more interested in short-term profits than long-term conservation!
  ·        Current practices (whaling nations ignoring IWC rulings and using loopholes to circumvent rulings) show nothing has changed!
  ·        Whaling is expanding! Japan has announced plans to kill up to 1,500 whales annually from 2007, including species classified as vulnerable and endangered on the IUCN redlist!
  C. George Muller is a marine biologist and prize-winning novelist who has decided to speak out against whaling, combining these facets in a revealing new book.
  Echoes in the Blue is centred on the real-life conflict surrounding Japan’s controversial pelagic whaling and dolphin drive kills, with the facts presented in an exciting and fast-paced “eco-thriller” novel in a bid to raise wider public awareness and support for the anti-whaling cause.
  * A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated towards ‘Save the Whale’ causes.
  Praise for Echoes in the Blue:
Very well researched including some extremely insightful observations about the nature of international politicking in the ongoing fight to protect whales.”
Scientific Advisor to New Zealand IWC Commissioner
  “Finally, a book that incorporates real–life concerns with edge of your seat adventure.”
Marine Mammal Research Scientist
  For more information, or free download of the Prologue please visit the author’s website: www.cgeorgemuller.com 
  “As a scientist, I can’t see how any species should have the right to deliberately drive another to the point of extinction – particularly in the name of science!
  Please help support this campaign to end the sham of ‘scientific’ whaling, which is a threat to the integrity of legitimate science worldwide.”
  Register your support and sign the Anti-Whaling petition at: http://www.cgeorgemuller.com/antiwhalingpetition.htm
  Please forward this on to anyone you think may be interested

  C. George Muller

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