[MARMAM] North Atlantic Right Whale catalog on line

Phil Hamilton phamiltn at neaq.org
Fri Mar 2 09:23:27 PST 2007

Dear Marmammers,

Thanks to funds from the National Science Foundation, the North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog is now on line and searchable by the general public. The web site is www.neaq.org/rwcatalog. The site gives a thorough description of the photo-identification process and includes example images of all the features we use to distinguish one right whale from another, family trees and stories, an interactive right whale matching game (coming soon), and the ability to search the catalog. The catalog search section gives whale drawings, photographs, and sighting histories for all whales in the catalog. Because the web site is linked directly to our newly on-line database, each time a new identification is confirmed, that new sighting automatically appears in the sighting list for that whale on the web site.

Philip Hamilton
Right Whale Research
New England Aquarium
Boston, MA USA
phamiltn at neaq.org
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