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Brendan Godley B.J.Godley at exeter.ac.uk
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Dear All

An Intertaxon point. There has been some talk in recent days on CTURTLE listserv regarding research efforts regarding sonar and sea turtles.

Some of you are working on same, esp wrt marine mamal issues and the proposed US Naval Sonar Testing Ranges off the Atlantic USA. 

Please note that there are possibly significant aggregations of marine turtles in these areas behaving in a manner that make them difficult to detect. I would draw your attention to a recent paper from our group:

Hawkes et al "Only some like it hot - quantifying the environmental niche of the loggerhead sea turtle" recently published in Diversity and Distributions and available from our website at: http://www.seaturtle.org/mtrg/pubs/" 

With a modest number of adult females we show useage of all three proposed areas.



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