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Hi marmam friends,Below please find a posting for the latest IUCN opening for Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Coordination Officer. Please note that this position is based in the US office in Washington DC and that the original deadline has only been been extended to June 25th 2007.Contact Debbie Good for further information or to submit your application (dgood at iucnus.org).Kind regards,JenJennifer L. PalmerMarine Program Officer, Global Marine ProgramIUCN - The World Conservation Union1630 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 300Washington, DC  20009-1053Tel: 202.518.2070Fax: 202.387.4823Email: jpalmer at iucnus.org-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://www.iucn.org/en/about/vacancies/2007_06_wcpa_marine_dc.pdfVACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTPosition: Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Coordination Officer, IUCN World Commissionon Protected Areas – Marine (WCPA-Marine)Location IUCN-USA Multilateral Office, Washington, D.C.;Duration: 2 years fixed term, with possibility of extensionReporting to: WCPA-Marine Vice Chair on technical issues, Executive Director, USAMultilateral Office, on administrative issues.BackgroundAt the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) and through the Convention onBiological Diversity (CBD), the nations of the world set a goal of establishing a global systemof effective marine protected area (MPA) networks by 2012. Many countries have madespecific commitments to expand their marine areas under effective management and toestablish networks of MPAs. Major international non-governmental conservationorganizations have committed to assist nations in achieving their targets. But much moreneeds to be done to translate these commitments into more and better managed MPAnetworks.WCPA – Marine is the world's premier network of Marine Protected Area (MPA) expertise. Itsmission is to promote the establishment of a global, representative system of effectivelymanaged and lasting networks of MPAs. WCPA-Marine works in partnership with otherprograms and Commissions within IUCN, IUCN members, and a wide range of partners inmany of the countries of the world that border an ocean or sea.WCPA-Marine provides a framework within which both nations and NGOs, and individuals,can contribute their expertise and capacity to accelerate progress toward meeting the global2012 goal. WCPA-Marine has recently agreed on a Plan of Action that includes a number ofspecific activities on which it will focus its efforts over the next several years, with a focus onramping up global efforts to meet 2012 MPA targets.To help accelerate this global effort, Conservation International, IUCN – The WorldConservation Union, The Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund (US) have agreedjointly to support a Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Coordination Officer.Scope of Work:1. Support the implementation of country commitments to create and expand MPAs andMPA networks by 2012 by catalyzing inputs by the 4 organizations—and other members ofthe DC-based marine community (DCMC)—to the WCPA-Marine Plan of Action.2. Develop and maintain a system for countries, NGOs and donors to track progresstowards achieving the 2012 goals by advancing the implementation of specific aspects of theWCPA-Marine Plan of Action, e.g. web portal.3. Raise awareness of progress and remaining challenges to meeting 2012 goals bycoordinating the inputs of the 4 organizations and the wider DCMC into key internationalevents over the next 2 years that have the potential to recognize and motivate governmentsand their partners to accelerate and finance actions on the ground to create, expand, andbetter manage MPA networks. These events include the 9th CBD Conference of the Parties(COP9, June 2008), the World Parks Congress + 5 (2008), the 4th IUCN World ConservationCongress (October 2008), and the proposed 2nd International MPA Congress (IMPAC2,March 2009).Specific Tasks• Establish and maintain effective relationships with marine and policy leaders and staffwithin the 4 organizations with a view to identifying, promoting, and coordinatingmutually-beneficial contributions to WCPA-Marine Plan of Action activities, and synergiesamong the partner organizations’ work to help countries progress toward the 2012 marineprotected areas goal;• Work closely with WCPA-Marine members and lead organizations/individuals for specificactivities within the Plan of Action to facilitate the delivery of specific outputs. This wouldlikely include improving and making more regularly accessible data on MPA coverageand remaining gaps, and coordinating inputs to a joint web portal on MPA tools,guidelines and case studies;• Develop—in close collaboration with WCPA-Marine and the 4 organizations—andcoordinate the implementation of a strategic plan for highlighting successes andchallenges of developing MPA networks at key international events, with a view to usingthese as platforms for encouraging and supporting strong commitments by countries,NGOs, donor organizations, and others;• Work closely with the WCPA-Marine Vice Chair and marine staff from the 4 organizationson a regular basis to serve as a focal point for WCPA-Marine MPA-related work in theUnited States, primarily in the DC area;• Develop and maintain a tracking system of commitments from US-based organizationsand individuals to the WCPA-Marine Plan of Action;• Assist in US-based fundraising efforts to support the implementation of the WCPA-MarinePlan of Action; and• Develop and implement annual work plans, in line with the WCPA-Marine Plan of Action,and in close collaboration with WCPA-Marine and the four organizations, and organizeand facilitate, every six months, a meeting of the four partners to assess progress inimplementing this plan.Skills and qualifications  A master’s degree in marine science, public policy, international development orrelated field.  A minimum of five years of relevant work experience; experience in the Washington,D.C. area, overseas, and on MPA issues highly desirable.  Strong interpersonal skills and a proven track record of effective collaboration amongNGOs and between NGOs and government agencies.  A strong aptitude and ability to communicate both informally (interpersonal skills) andformally (presentations).  Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.  Basic IT skills required and skills in web-based communication an advantage.  Experience working in a cross-cultural environment.  An ability to work to tight deadlines  Fluent in English, and proficiency in Spanish or French a plus.Interested persons should forward their curriculum vitae with the contact details of 3references and a motivation letter to Debbie Good, IUCN-USA (dgood at iucnus.org) no laterthan June 11, 2007.Important note: the position of Marine Program Officer advertised recently has been filled.The unsuccessful applications for that position will not be automatically considered for thisnew MPA Coordination Officer position. All interested persons must apply specifically to thisposition.The deadline for receipt of applications for this position has been extended untilJune 25, 2007
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