[MARMAM] Satellite tags on medium sized cetaceans

Fabian Ritter, MEER e.V. info at m-e-e-r.de
Wed Jun 20 00:59:17 PDT 2007

Dear Marmamers,

we are currently preparing a project on satellite tagging of medium 
sized, deep diving cetaceans in the Canary Islands and would like to 
know if anyone has gathered experience with tagging e.g. pilot and/or 
beaked whales or similar species.

After having contacted several specialist working in the US and looking 
at the scientific literature, we are aware that tag size has to be 
accustomed both to the physiology and to the diving behaviour of the 
according species, and such tags probably will have to be assembled 

We herewith would like to inquire if other Marmamers also have used such 
tags or know which system likely will be successful. We also would like 
to know if there are other satellites except ARGOS that might be used in 
such a project, especially if there are European systems or companies 

We have so far come across a number of companies offering tags or sets, 
including the following:
Telonics, Wildlife Computers, SirTrack, Microwave Telemetry

If you should be aware of others and are willing to share you experience 
with us, we would be extremely grateful.

Thanks and many greetings,
Fabian Ritter, MEER e.V.
Manuel Carillo, Canarias Conservacion


Fabian Ritter
M.E.E.R. e.V.
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12161 Berlin

T/F: +49-(0)30-85 07 87 55
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"The dolphins were having a great relaxed time 
and there were no major answers they wished 
to know the questions to..."
(After Douglas Adams)

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