[MARMAM] Digital Techniques Workshop at the next Biennial Marine Mammal Conference: Call for abstracts, teaching modules

Sally Mizroch Sally.Mizroch at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 19 10:47:56 PDT 2007

Hello all, 

This is the announcement/call for abstracts/call for teaching modules for
the Digital Techniques Workshop at our next biennial conference (see
announcement below).  This information will also be posted on the conference
web site.  The due date for submission of abstracts/teaching module
suggestions is 20 July 2007.




Please contact me if you have questions, suggestions.


Best regards, 


Sally A. Mizroch
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Mammal Laboratory
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e-mail: Sally.Mizroch at noaa.gov 



Recent Advances in Field Digital Techniques

This seminar/workshop series will provide an update on advances in digital
techniques that have developed since our conference's previous digital
workshop was held in Greensboro in December 2003.  In addition to
presentations on digital photo capture, handling and editing techniques, the
workshop has been expanded to include presentations on how to integrate
other kinds of digital field data (e.g., GPS) directly into databases.
Abstracts will be solicited from throughout the marine mammal community and
presentations will cover as broad a range as possible on digital field
capture techniques.  The first workshop day will be devoted to oral
presentations.  A second workshop day will be developed specifically devoted
to hands-on half-day teaching modules few selected topics (photo capture,
photo editing, database development, others).


This is a call for abstracts for presentations and for teaching modules.
Please submit abstracts of 300 words or fewer to sally.mizroch at noaa.gov.
Deadline for abstract submission is 20 July 2007.


The cost for the seminar/workshop is ZAR 200 per person per day to cover the
use of meeting room space, audiovisual equipment and two tea/coffee


Format of seminar/workshop

First Day (27 Nov 2007):  Seminar/presentations

Second Day (28 Nov 2007):  Workshop with hands-on teaching modules for small



Seminar presentations:  Researchers should submit abstracts for oral
presentations (no more than 300 words, please) by 20 July 2007


Workshop/teaching module:  Researchers are asked to develop a short (2-4
hour) module to introduce/teach your digital technique to small groups who
will each work on their own computer.  Please e-mail me your teaching module
ideas as soon as possible, but no later than 20 July 2007. 


Decisions on the teaching modules will be made by 15 August 2007. 


The seminar presentations and modules will be posted and people can sign up
to attend starting 20 August 2007.  Priority for participation in the
seminar/workshops will be given to active researchers who will be able to
transmit information about the new techniques to others in their


Product:  Presenters will be expected to write up their techniques in a
format that includes step-by-step guidelines on how to use their digital
technique.  These written protocols will be posted on a website that can be
updated as the techniques change.

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