[MARMAM] help with placentophagia survey

noonan at canisius.edu noonan at canisius.edu
Mon Jun 18 14:28:20 PDT 2007

Dear Colleagues: 

I wonder if you would help me with a research project on placentophagia.   

It is widely reported that it is normal for female mammals to eat the placenta after they give birth.  It is even reported in many places that this behavior occurs in just about every mammal species.   

However, my own experience has led me to suspect that there are some exceptions to this rule, and I am now convinced that it would be beneficial to document exactly which species do, and which species do not, demonstrate placentophagia.  

If you have ever witnessed a marine mammal birth in any species, would you please let me know whether the mother did, or did not, eat the placenta.  The best way to do this is by going to the following web site to answer a simple set of questions: 


When the results are tabulated, I will seek to publish the findings in an appropriate journal.  I will also gladly email you a preview summary.  

Thanks very much in advance.   

Michael Noonan, PhD 
Professor of Animal Behavior 
Canisius College 
Buffalo, New York 14208 

PS:  If you have any questions about this study, or any suggestions that will help, please contact me at noonan1 at canisius.edu.

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