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For those who may be interested, my PhD thesis entitled 'The role of
juvenile foraging ecology and growth in the evolution of life history
strategies for southern elephant seals' is now available as a PDF file
on the web at the following web address:




(or http://adt.lib.utas.edu.au/public/adt-TU20051004.143116/)


The main keywords for the thesis are ontogeny, intra-specific
competition, life history and foraging ecology. Topics covered within
this thesis are anaesthesia, foraging range and spatial/habitat use,
diet, metabolic changes and growth of a large free-ranging marine mammal
species, the southern elephant seal, in a dynamic environment. For any
further inquiries or for reprints of publications from my thesis (listed
below), please feel free to contact me directly at the following email


Iain.Field at utas.edu.au


Field IC, Bradshaw CJA, Burton HR, Hindell MA (2007) Differential
resource allocation strategies for juvenile elephant seals in the highly
seasonal Southern Ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 331: 281-290 

Field IC, Bradshaw CJA , van den Hoff J, Burton HR, Hindell MA  (2007)
Age-related shifts in the diet composition of southern elephant seals
expand overall foraging niche. Marine Biology 150: 1441-1452 

Field IC, Bradshaw CJA, Burton HR, Hindell MA (2005) Patterns of onshore
mass change and metabolism in juvenile southern elephant seals.
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 78(4):491-504

Field IC, Bradshaw CJA, Burton HR, Sumner MD, Hindell MA (2005) Resource
partitioning through oceanic segregation of foraging juvenile southern
elephant seals. Oecologia 142:127-135

Field IC, Bradshaw CJA, Burton HR, Hindell MA (2004) Seasonal use of
oceanographic and fisheries management zones by juvenile southern
elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) from Macquarie Island. Polar Biology

Field IC, McMahon CR, Bradshaw CJA, Harrington J, Burton HR (2002)
Intravenous anaesthesia of elephant seals: effects of age, size,
condition and function of haul-out. Veterinary Record, 151(8): 235-240

Also available is a PDF copy of my honours thesis titled 'Diving
behaviour of the southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina from Macquarie
Island in relation to water temperature'.


Cheers for now,






Dr Iain Field
CDU / AIMS Research Fellow
Shark Tagging and Population Modelling Project
School for Environmental Research
Charles Darwin University
Darwin, NT, 0909



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