[MARMAM] New Marine Mammal Field Guides

Uko Gorter uko.susan at verizon.net
Fri Jun 15 23:02:55 PDT 2007

Dear All,

After numerous requests at the last two SMM biennial conferences for a 
laminated field guide of marine mammals and sea turtles of the Atlantic 
coast (US & Canada), I am pleased to announce the release of this very 
publication, …and more.

North Atlantic Coast, marine mammals and sea turtles ($5.95):

This durable, high quality laminated field guide, covers most of the 
Western North Atlantic, from North Carolina, US, to Newfoundland, 
Canada.  The guide includes full color illustrations of 25 cetaceans, 4 
pinnipeds, and 5 sea turtles. Approximate maximum lengths are shown in 
meters. Scientific names are given, as well as their English and 
French-Canadian common names (With thanks to Veronique Lesage and 
Pierre-Henry Fontaine).

North Atlantic Coast, marine mammal behaviors ($5.95):

In this new series of behavior guides, we have depicted specific 
behavior and interesting features for humpback whales (front side), and 
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (back side).  Behaviors like lobtailing, 
breaching, feeding, spyhopping, and many other features are highlighted 
on this guide.  (With thanks to Mason Weinrich for additional 

Both guides will be available online through Rainforest Publications 
(http://www.rainforestpublications.com).  Here you will find many other 
guides for different species of flora and fauna and locations.  An 
updated field guide for marine mammals of Baja California and Pacific 
Coast, Mexico will also be available.

Wholesale prices are available for larger orders.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact me.


Uko Gorter

Natural History Illustration
12712 NE 91st Lane
Kirkland, WA 98033
uko at ukogorter.com

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