[MARMAM] The Monachus Guardian 10 (1): June 2007

William M. Johnson editor at monachus-guardian.org
Wed Jun 13 02:48:13 PDT 2007


Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Monk Seal

This is to let you know that we have now published the June 2007 issue of
The Monachus Guardian, the biannual electronic journal focusing on the
Mediterranean, Hawaiian and Caribbean monk seals. The site can be accessed
at <http://www.monachus-guardian.org>

Guest Editorial: A joyful loss, by Ilksen D. Bas...

Hawaiian News: NMFS report warns of Hawaiian monk seal extinction...

Mediterranean News: Greece:- Mixed signals from the management bodies of key
protected areas, by Spyros  Kotomatas... Madeira:- Habitat study around
Madeira Island, by Rosa Pires & Manel Gazo... Turkey:- Monk seal pup ³Badem²
returns home, by Cem Orkun Kiraç and Harun Güçlüsoy...

Stop Press: Orphan's behaviour provoking concerns in Turkey, by William M.

Cover Story: Mediterranean: Making a blue sea green, by William M.

In Focus: Pup rescue in Samandag, by Ali Cemal Gücü, Evrim Erbil, Meltem Ok,
Serdar Sakinan and Billur Celebi.

Research 1: Possible seal pox in the Monachus monachus Cyprus colony ­ Is
stress and hunger a contributing factor? by Huseyin Cihan, Nilufer Aytug and
Ali Cemal Gücü.

Research 2: Monk seal (Monachus monachus) sightings in the Croatian part of
the Adriatic with a special reference to the population of open-sea islands,
by J. Antolovic, M. Antolovic, N. Antolovic, B. Furlan, Lj.
Adamic-Antolovic, R. Antolovic and I. Cok.

Monachus Science: Results of a research and information campaign on the
possible presence of monk seals on the west coast of Algeria, by M.
Bouderbala, D. Bouras, D. Bekrattou, K. Doukara, M.F. Abdelghani and Z.

Monachus Science Posters: Conservation status and priorities of the
critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus in the
archipelago of Madeira, by R. Pires, H.C. Neves & A.A. Karamanlidis.

Letters to the Editor.

Recent Publications.

The current and back issues of The Monachus Guardian are also available from
the Monk Seal Library <http://www.monachus-guardian.org/library.htm> and may
either be viewed on-line, or downloaded as PDF files.

Should you have any comments on the web site or its contents, please contact
us at: editor at monachus-guardian.org.

Our sincere thanks to all the friends and colleagues who have made this
issue possible. 

William M. Johnson 
editor at monachus-guardian.org

PS. Don't hesitate to let us know if you appear to be on this email
information list in error.


William M Johnson
editor at monachus-guardian.org


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