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Dear friends and colleagues:

We are writing a manuscript on a mass stranding of Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) involving more than a hundred individuals (La Tortuga Island, Venezuela, January 1998). Up to know, the only information on mass strandings of this species that we are aware of are two strandings in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1970 and 1994 (Rodríguez-López et al. 1995, XI Biennial Conf. Marine Mammals), another one in Mauritania (Nieri et al. 1999, Mar. Mamm. Sci.) and two strandings in Margarita Island, northeastern Venezuela (unpubl.). I wonder if any colleague in this list knows of any other paper or report on mass strandings of Atlantic spotted dolphins that we could use in our discussion section.
A preliminary report, in Spanish, presented by Bolaños-Jiménez and Boher (2002) as an official Technical Report of the Venezuelan Ministry of Environment (IT-MARN-412) is available from me (megapterax at yahoo.com)  upon request. A PDF of the final paper will be available for those interested too.  

I thank you very much in advance.

Jaime Bolaños-Jiménez
Director Ejecutivo
Sociedad Ecológica Venezolana Vida Marina 
Sea Vida
A.P. 162
Cagua, Estado Aragua
Venezuela 2122


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