[MARMAM] PDA/Tablet data collection feedback request

ALIGON at aol.com ALIGON at aol.com
Tue Jun 12 11:55:11 PDT 2007

Hi, I am interested in feedback from anyone who is working with or has  
researched the use of PDAs or touch-screen tablets to assist with data  collection. 

My primary interest is to use a touch-screen tablet aboard a marine vessel  
to collect sighting data (various marine life and vessels) and poll devices 
such  as GPS, Depthsounder, and possibly LASER rangefinder, and/or RADAR  
data/screen capture (for nearby vessel locations).
I am also interested in using either PDA or small tablet (linked to GPS)  for 
shoreline surveys and possibly in-water data-collection.
If anyone can provide:
- product suggestions/recommendations
- software used
- suggestions on device interface methods (Tablet/PDA w/ imbedded GPS,  
blue-tooth connections, other?)
- advice on implementation experience/obstacles

- any other resources, contacts, literature and suggestions
these would be greatly appreciated.
I also have not been able to find an underwater housing for a PDA with  a 
depth rating of greater than 15ft. Any suggestions for dive-rated PDA housing  
rated to ~ 60ft would be also be appreciated.
Please do not write to listserv, contact me directly at 
_aligon at kirc.hawaii.gov_ (mailto:aligon at kirc.hawaii.gov) . If I receive a  number of responses, I 
will be glad to submit a summary back to the list.
Many thanks,
Allan Ligon
_aligon at kirc.hawaii.gov_ (mailto:aligon at kirc.hawaii.gov) 

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