[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Science (1985-2005) vols 1-13 and 16-21 available for sale or as a donation

Vimoksalehi Lukoschek vimoksalehi.lukoschek at jcu.edu.au
Thu Jun 7 17:13:37 PDT 2007

Dear Marmamers

If you were interested in Jim Scarff's offer of back copies of Marine Mammal
Science and missed out here is another chance.

I too am seeking to sell or donate my back issues of Marine Mammal Science.
I have volumes 1-13 on CD's and volumes 16-21 as hard copy.

I also would prefer selling to any individual or organization for best offer
+ shipping. Alternatively I would consider donating these to a library,
academic institution, or nonprofit organization. I the recipient would need
to pay the cost of shipping.

I am located in Townsville, Australia in case someone in the nearby area is

I can be contacted by e-mail (vimoksalehi.lukoschek at jcu.edu.au) or phone
+61-7-47550558 or +61-410-340609.



email: vimoksalehi.lukoschek at jcu.edu.au
personal website: http://homes.jcu.edu.au/~sci-bhl/vimoksalehi.htm
sea snake information website: http://homes.jcu.edu.au/~sci-bhl

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