[MARMAM] New publication

Pierre-Henry Fontaine pfontain at mediom.qc.ca
Sat Jun 9 20:29:45 PDT 2007

I would like to signal that the english version of Baleines et  
phoques published by Multimondes , Québec, Canada 2005 is now  
published by Schiffer publishing, 4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen,  
Pensylvania 19310 (info at schifferbooks.com)
	It is a new version of "whales of the North Atlantic, Biology and  
ecology" published by Multimondes  in 1998.
	This new editon is completely rewieved,  it contains now   
informations on the biology and ecology of the pinnipeds . A new  
chapter on the mounting of whales  skeletons and the common errors   
usually found in rorqual skeletons mounted in various museums has  
been added, lots of pictures have been changed , which add more than  
100 pages to the book. As in the previous edition, enmphasis is put  
on biology and ecology, and pictures, not drawings illustrate the  
different organs ans systems. The book contains also some facts  
sheets on the more common species of cetaceans and pinnipeds.

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