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Tue Jun 5 12:31:25 PDT 2007

A New Marine Mammal Journal:

The Oceanographic Environmental Research Society (OERS) is pleased to
announce the launch of a new online journal entitled:  The Journal of
Marine Animals and Their Ecology.

The Journal of Marine Animals and Their Ecology is an electronic
journal that hopes to become a common resource on marine mammals and
their ecology that invites all perspectives and considers all sorts of
work in the interest of building and sharing a knowledge base to
facilitate conversation instead of competition.  It is hoped that it
will become an equally popular read for the scientist, biologist,
rehabilitator, veterinarian or the public.

This online resource is unique in its friendly approach as it hopes to
attract a broad range of contributions.  The goal is to encourage the
marine mammal community to share their original research, techniques
and medical care of marine mammals, and discuss issues relating to
the environment.  There will also be an opportunity to submit reviews
and share marine mammal news in brief communications.  Interested
individuals are invited to submit anything they would like to share,
including commentaries and expertise.

The journal will available to all on line free of charge and
will be published electronically 4 times a year.

We invite anyone with information to share to send along their
articles; we promise to facilitate not hinder getting your work out to
the community through our journal JMMATE. Come join us and contribute
to something greater.  Visit us at www.oers.ca  and follow the links
to the journal for more details.

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