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Research Technician in Marine Food Web Modeling

Arizona State University


Applications are invited for a technician position to contribute to an
international project on interactions between whales and fisheries.  The
position is available from September 1, 2007.  The technician will develop
and manage a database for sources of information needed for ecosystem
modeling (Ecopath with Ecosim).  This includes compilation of marine
fisheries and biological data needed for food web modeling purposes from
available databases, literature and other sources, and preparation of data
for incorporation in mass-balance food web model.  Incumbents must have a
thorough understanding of the theory behind tasks being performed, and will
be required to work independently but remain in close communication with
team members. The data technician will also assist with preparation of
documents and materials needed for workshops held for the purpose of
disseminating results from the project.  The person will be based at Arizona
State University in Tempe, and may be required to travel to Canada for
project purposes.  


Examples of Duties:

*	Performs scientific data collection, analyses and syntheses
involving routine procedures characterized by availability to work
independently and reliably on assigned tasks.
*	Maintains detailed records of studies conducted; organizes data;
prepares data for Ecopath input and records modelling results.
*	Compiles data and generates statistical data for analytical purposes
using Access; makes preliminary Ecopath analyses and assists researchers in
interpreting the data.
*	Conducts literature searches to find diet, production, consumption
or biomass information about the trophic groups of the food web models.
*	Writes summaries of projects, documenting location, findings and
procedures used and assists in writing reports by conducting literature
searches and background research; prepares bibliographies as required.
*	Interacts regularly with the project postdoc, who is the lead
ecosystem modeler.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

*	Knowledge of ecosystem or food web modelling techniques and
principles as well as experience working with Ecopath with Ecosim. 
*	Experience in mining and compilation of data needed for foodweb
modelling (fisheries time series, biomass, diets etc of functional groups in
marine ecosystems), including database skills (Access).
*	Working knowledge of fisheries management techniques, including
stock assessment methods, total allowable catches, catches per unit of
efforts, etc.
*	Experience in working independently in association with remote
*	Skill in both verbal and written communication.
*	Skill in analyzing and evaluating data.


Minimum Qualifications:

Masters degree in marine biology, fisheries science or related discipline;
OR, Four years research experience appropriate to the area of assignment;
OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which
comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.


To apply:

Send CV, statement of relevant research experience and interests, and
contact information for 3 references to leah.gerber at asu.edu. Closing date:
8/15/2007, or until a successful candidate is identified. Arizona State
University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


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