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Thu Jul 26 06:33:20 PDT 2007

     The Joint Industry Programme (JIP) has just released three new Requests for Proposals, and is extending the filing deadline for an RFP that was announced on MARMAM earlier.  Please see our web site, www.soundandmarinelife.org, for details.  Click on "Requests for proposals 2007" to see the complete text of all five RFP's that are now open and receiving proposals.  
     The three new RFPs are as follows:
          RFP 07-05 requests proposals for a review of the existing literature on population modeling, specifically addressing the relative importance of various vital rates to population trends in marine mammals.    
          RFP 07-06 requests proposals for developing the transfer functions in the PCAD (Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance) model that was developed by the National Research Council.  
          RFP 07-07 requests proposals to develop a new tool for risk assessments that are used by the oil and gas industries.  
     The deadline for filing proposals under RFP 07-01 has been extended from August 13 to August 17.  This change is official and will appear on our web site in the near future.  This RFP calls for development of software to be used in Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM).     
     Please do not reply to this email.  All proposal submissions and inquiries about the JIP programme should be addressed to: info at soundandmarinelife.org.  

Roger L. Gentry, Ph. D
JIP Programme Manager
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