[MARMAM] The Effects of Close Approach of large whales

Kellie Foster Kellie.Foster at noaa.gov
Wed Jul 25 14:45:43 PDT 2007

I am working on a project where I have to assess the effects of close 
approaches of fin, humpback, sei, humpback, north Atlantic right and 
sperm whales for the purpose of biopsy sampling, suction cup tagging and 
photo identification.   Whales of all ages (2 weeks and older) and 
reproductive stages including mother/calf pairs would be approached no 
closer than 100 meters by a large research vessel at which time a small 
inflatable would be deployed to approach the whales to a distance of 10 
meters.  Can anyone guide me to any empirical data for any responses 
(behavioral or otherwise) to close approach, particularly for 
mother/calf pairs?
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