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Dear colleagues,


On behalf the Organising Committee, I would like to announce the publication
of the following report:


Incidental catch of non-targeted marine species in the western Indian Ocean:
problems and mitigation measures. Workshop proceeding. 13-15th November
2006, Mayotte, France. Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association
(WIOMSA). 111 p.


This report contains the report of the workshop as well as contributions on
bycatch of marine turtles and mammals in the western Indian Ocean. See the
abstract below:


>From 13 to 15 November 2006, representatives from Western Indian Ocean (WIO)
countries and from other regions (USA, Australia, Sri Lanka) participated in
a workshop to collate available information and assess the potential impact
of bycatch on non-targeted marine species in the WIO, with a focus on marine
mammals and turtles. This workshop was organized by the NGO Sea Sense, based
in Tanzania, and by the University of La Rochelle, France. The three-day
workshop was held on the island of Mayotte (France) at Hôtel Sakouli and was
funded by the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association through a
MASMA (Marine Science for Management) grant. The aims of the workshop were
to: 1- bring together relevant marine mammal and turtle scientists, fishery
biologists, conservationists and managers in the region to share ideas and
exchange information on bycatch of non-targeted marine species in the WIO;
2- review the level of threat from fisheries, both coastal and pelagic, in
the WIO region; 3- discuss and resolve common issues relating to bycatch; 4-
discuss and resolve common issues relating to data collection and analysis,
survey techniques, and specific threats (other than by-catch) such as
eco-tourism, pollution, habitat destruction/disturbance and boat collisions;
and 5- produce recommendations for research and management, fund-raising and
future regional and international collaboration. Presentations were given on
the regional status and conservation of turtles and marine mammals, in the
context of fishery-related mortality. The workshop agreed that the coastal
gillnet fishery poses a serious threat to turtles, dugongs and cetaceans in
the WIO region. There are currently no measures to reduce bycatch in this
fishery. Prawn trawling also poses a threat, particularly to turtles. It was
acknowledged that while turtles, dugongs, cetaceans and sharks are all
impacted by fishing activities in the WIO region, the highest priority is
the dugong which is severely threatened from gillnetting and habitat
disturbance. The establishment of a regional dugong research and
conservation programme has been identified as a high priority. A rapid
regional assessment of gillnet and prawn trawl fisheries was also considered
a high priority to assess the level of threat from these gears on
non-targeted marine species. Practical ways to reduce bycatch were
identified, including convincing decision-makers pf the importance of
reducing bycatch due to the high tourism value placed on marine mammals and


Please contact me for pdf or hard copies [which are limited in number
(jeremy.kiszka at wanadoo.fr)].


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