[MARMAM] Recent publication: Seal Bounty & Seal Protection Laws in Maine, 1872-1972

Barbara Lelli blelli at gwi.net
Mon Jul 23 16:07:31 PDT 2007

Dear Marmamers, 

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of our historical and 
legal review of seal bounty and protection legislation in Maine.  This 
article was recently published in Natural Resources Journal, an 
international, interdisciplinary forum devoted to the study of natural and 
environmental resources published by the University of New Mexico School Of 
Law (http://lawschool.unm.edu/NRJ/). 

Please send requests for a PDF copy to blelli at gwi.net. 

Lelli, Barbara and David E. Harris.  2006. Seal Bounty and Seal Protection 
Laws in Maine, 1872 to 1972: Historic Perspectives on a Current Controversy. 
Natural Resources Journal 46:881-924. 


Modern predator management balances conservation and preservation with the 
desire to exploit natural resources.  Seals (marine predators) engender 
controversy because seals and humans both consume fish.  To understand the 
foundation of current stakeholder positions concerning seals, we examined 
the history of seal legislation in Maine from 1872 to 1972, which included 
two bounty periods as well as limited legal protection.  We analyzed the 
stakeholder interests that influenced Maine legislation and compared them to 
similar influences at work in a modern context, the Canadian Atlantic
Seal Hunt.  This history and analysis can provide lessons for seal 
management elsewhere. 


Barbara Lelli
Email: blelli at gwi,net 

David E. Harris, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences
University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College
51 Westminster Street
Lewiston, ME 04252 

Tel: (207) 753-6586
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