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Work over the past 8 years has identified that boat-dolphin interactions were significantly impacting the bottlenose dolphin population living in Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. The population has also suffered a drastic abundance decline over the past 5-7 years, numbering now only 56 individuals (~18% decline over that period).
In response to the identification of these threats the New Zealand Department of Conservation has now put out a threat management discussion paper which higlights the different options it is considering to mitigate the identified threats. This document is opened for public comments (DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 5) and can be found at:

(a direct link to the pdf file is: http://www.doc.govt.nz/upload/documents/getting-involved/consultations/current-consultations/bottlenose-dolphin-book.pdf)

DoC is considering 3 categories of management options (and combinations of those):

1. the creation of no-boat zones and different use zones (the one we advised: Lusseau & Higham 2004)
2. reducing boat traffic
3. improving behaviour around dolphins

Please register your views by emailing your comments on the discussion paper, and selecting the options you find most appropriate, to Carrie Williams (cwilliams at doc.govt.nz). Alternatively you can also mail your comments:

Director-General of Conservation
C/o Carrie Williams
Department of Conservation
PO Box 743
Invercargill 9840
New Zealand

A feedback form on which you can template your submission can be found at the end of the discussion document.

Lusseau D. & Higham J.E.S. 2004. Managing the impacts of dolphin-based tourism through the definition of critical habitats: the case of Doubtful Sound, New Zealand Tourism Management 25(6): 657-667 (a copy of it can be found at: http://lusseau.org/publications.html)

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