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We would like to inform you new article has been published in Vie et Milieu
- Life and Environment. For pdf copies please send request to
atonay at istanbul.edu.tr.



=D6zt=FCrk, B., Salman, A., =D6zt=FCrk, A.A., Tonay, A. 2007. Cephalopod rem=
ains in
the diet of striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) and Risso's dolphins
(Gramphus griseus) in the eastern Mediterranean. 

Vie et Milieu, 57(1/2):53-59.



Cephalopod remains from the stomachs of three striped dolphins (Stenella
coeruleoalba) and two Risso's dolphins (Grampus griseus) taken as bycatch in
the swordfish fishing in the eastern Mediterranean Sea off Turkish coast
were examined. Totally 478 lower beaks were identified as belonging to 14
cephalopod species. For the striped dolphins, A b r a l i a v e r a n y i
was the most common prey (51.2% of all the beaks found in this species),
followed by Onychoteuthis banksii and Heteroteuthis dispar. For the Risso's
dolphins, Histioteuthis re v e r s a was the most common species (60.9%) and
all the other species shared less than 10% of all the beaks found. In the
stomachs of the striped dolphins, there were remains of some fish and
shrimps, while only cephalopod remains were detected in those of the Risso's
dolphins. Most prey species were oceanic cephalopods, with wide vertical
distribution and diurnal movement. Many of the cephalopods identified in the
diet of these dolphins are bioluminescent suggesting that these dolphins use
bioluminescence as a target when feeding on cephalopods.



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