[MARMAM] Call for Papers - ESR Theme Issue: "Fisheries Bycatch: Problems and Solutions"

Brendan Godley Godley-ESR at seaturtle.org
Wed Jul 18 15:05:17 PDT 2007

ESR Theme Issue: "Fisheries Bycatch: Problems and Solutions"

Fisheries bycatch is an issue of global conservation concern that affects many species worldwide. Endangered Species Research (ESR) http://www.int-res.com/journals/esr/, a growing conservation journal, is developing a theme issue on "Fisheries Bycatch: Problems and Solutions" for publication mid-2008. All material will be fully open access and thus a high level of visibility is ensured. This ESR theme issue was catalyzed by the ongoing work of Project GloBAL <http://bycatch.env.duke.edu/> (Global Bycatch Assessment of Long Lived Species) that seeks to address this pressing conservation problem through innovative research approaches and collaborative efforts. Manuscripts addressing current bycatch hotspots, analytical approaches to understanding and assessing bycatch, and bycatch solutions in both industrial and artisanal fisheries are welcomed. To discuss the suitability of a manuscript for inclusion in this ESR Special, please contact Dr. Rebecca Lewison (ESR Editor) <rlewison at sciences.sdsu.edu> or Dr. Brendan Godley (ESR Editor-in-Chief) <b.j.godley at ex.ac.uk> 

This ESR Special will build upon the success of "Tracking Vertebrates for Conservation" which has begun posting finalized corrected proofs and will be published online by end of year 2007.

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