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Thought this posting might interest a few of you...Kind regards,Jen------FYI- Please respond directly to Alison Cross at WWF or SmartGear website!-------
Hello,Organizers of the 2007
International SmartGear Competition thought you (or someone you know)
might have an innovative idea for reducing fisheries bycatch - and would appreciate winning $30,000 for it!WWF
and its partners created the SmartGear Competition to inspire
innovative, practical, cost-effective ideas that allow fishermen to
"fish smarter" – to better target their intended catch while reducing
bycatch.  The competition awards cash prizes for the best idea to
reduce bycatch, which is the leading threat to many marine mammals, sea
turtles, seabirds, and certain fish species.   The 2007 International SmartGear Competition will award a $30,000 Grand Prize and two $10,000 Runner-Up Prizes.   Entry Deadline: July 31, 2007   The
competition is open to all – fishermen, gear manufacturers, teachers,
students, engineers, scientists, and backyard inventors.      Please visit www.smartgear.org for entry materials and to learn about the winning ideas from the first two competitions.     
Also, please forward this e-mail to help us spread the word about the competition.  Thank you!Alison Cross

Program Associate - Fisheries
World Wildlife Fund
California Marine Office

171 Forest Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

alison.cross at wwfus.org-------------------------------------------------------------------Jennifer L. Palmer
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