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Hi everyone,
  on behalf of the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI (www.thebdri.com), I am 
  pleased to announce that we are seeking four skilled research assistants for our 
  research projects in Sardinia, Italy. Using study techniques that neither harm nor 
  seriously disturb the animals, BDRI's researchers are engaged in the conduction of a 
  long term study about the ecology and behaviour of a Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin 
  population (Tursiops truncatus) along the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, as well as 
  collecting detailed information about their environment.
  Long-term monitoring of a population is not viewed as exciting science, but is absolutely 
  essential in order to estimate population trends and understand their causative factors. 
  Pressures of commercialism and larger scale tourism activities are now increasing along 
  the north eastern coast of Sardinia (Emerald Coast-Italy).
  The feeding opportunities for dolphins that are created by human activities have become 
  part of their culture, part of their habitat requirements, although studied dolphins are 
  capable of foraging on other food sources. The effects of fisheries management could 
  influence in bottlenose dolphins behaviour and social structure, and dolphins’ responses 
  to these closures should be investigated. 
  Sardinia Island is a marine biologist's paradise and the dolphin behaviour you will witness 
  is unsurpassed.  You will work in teams on two boats, one concentrating on dolphin 
  interaction with aquaculture and the other on behaviour and social structure. Behavioural 
  data will be collected during surveys and focal group follows, including digital video 
  Internships are offered on a competitive basis, at cost and provide invaluable exposure 
  to boat based field work, the Mediterranean coastal environment, dolphins research, 
  intensive training and mentoring in marine ecology, and encouragement to work and play 
  hard! Internships can be used for academic or vocational purposes, but interns are 
  solely responsible for making all arrangements for receiving relevant credit(s) as a result 
  of completing the internship.
  We are currently recruiting to fill 2 vacancies as Dolphin Research Assistants (DRA) for 
  the 2007 Fall and Winter. There is no cost to participate in the research project. 
  However, participants will be required to pay 200 € per week to cover accommodation 
  and base food costs as both researches and volunteers cook communally. Moreover, it 
  is necessary for research assistants to cover their own transportation to and from the 
  research camp on Golfo Aranci (Sardinia Island), personal items, or special dietary 
  We seek hard-working, team oriented people who play well with others.  We are entirely 
  weather driven and take every opportunity the weather provides, often going offshore 
  early in the morning and coming in after dark. You should be comfortable with standing in 
  a boat for up to 11 hours non-stop while looking for dolphins through binoculars and 
  recording data. We may be stranded onshore for days on end during bad weather.  You 
  will also be expected to work endless hours identifying dolphins and entering data into a 
  computer database. We will also send you a Photo-Id catalogue with over 60 dorsal fins 
  and expect to learn to distinguish them before the study. 
  There is no deadline to apply. However, approved applications are accepted on a 
  first-come, first serve basis. Apply early! 
  If you are interested and have the required experience and skills, please provide a CV 
  and contact information for references and send your application to info at thebdri.com. 
  Visit http://thebdri.com/resources/downloads/infointernships.pdf to download more 
  information on dolphin research internships in Aranci Bay and how to get there.
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Bruno Díaz López
Research Biologist / Marine Zoologist
Chief Researcher
The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI
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