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     The Joint Industry Programme (JIP) has released a Request for Proposals to compile and analyze the trends in cetacean populations in offshore areas where the oil and gas industries have historically worked.   Please see our website, www.soundandmarinelife.org, for details.  After entering the site click on Requests for Proposals 2007, then select RFP 07-02 Cetacean Stock Assessment.  The closing date for receipt of proposals is July 31, not July 19 as stated in the orignal posting of the RFP.  Full details for applying are given on the site along with background information  about the programme.  
     The question of possible correlations between industry activities and cetacean population trends was raised in  a report to the European Union by a panel of acoustics experts (The effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammals; a draft research strategy, Tubney House, Oxford, 5-9 October 2005).  The JIP considers this to be a valid question and appropriate for JIP funding.  The JIP does not place caps on or set budget targets for proposals.  Instead, offerors are encouraged to construct a realistic budget given their perception of the scope of the problem.  Note that funds are given in the form of contracts, not grants.  
     Proposals and inquiries about this RFP should be addressed to info at soundandmarinlife.org so they can be routed to the appropriate JIP person for reply.  Please do not write to my personal address, given above.  Thank you,      
Roger L. Gentry, Ph. D.
JIP Programme Manager
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