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Gene Buck GBUCK at crs.loc.gov
Wed Jan 31 06:20:45 PST 2007


    I'm seeking volunteers for an expert panel to review and provide comments on a 5-page short report for Congress that I have completed, discussing the recent proposal to list polar bears as threatened species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

      Abstract:  "Polar bears depend on an Arctic sea ice habitat, which some believe is threatened by climate warming causing an earlier thaw and later freeze of coastal sea ice. The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed listing polar bears as threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, acknowledging the increasing threats to their existence.
Although this listing decision must be solely based on the best available scientific and
commercial information, some are concerned that an ESA listing might have extensive
economic impacts, since federal agencies are required under the ESA to ensure that
anything they authorize or fund that might affect polar bears would not jeopardize the
survival of these bears or their sea ice habitat."

     I'm seeking reviewers who are able to review this short report and return comments to me no later than March 1, 2007.  I'm looking for individuals who can help me better define the various positions on issues presented, clarify factual background on these issues, and identify additional issues of concern. 

     If interested in being considered for this review panel, please e-mail me a few sentences stating briefly your qualifications for serving on this expert panel.  I anticipate selecting about 8-10 individuals to serve on this panel who are relatively current on marine mammal/ polar bear issues and represent a spectrum of constituencies and interests.  I will provide the text for review via snail mail, and would like to receive your comments either via fax or e-mail.  I can also provide a copy for review via fax to those where snail mail may result in significant delay.

     Thanks to all who have participated on my expert panels in the past; your continued and excellent critiques of my products have been extremely beneficial to Congress!

                                      Gene Buck, Specialist in Natural Resources Policy
                                      Congressional Research Service

        gbuck at crs.loc.gov 
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