[MARMAM] Arizona State University study abroad course on California sea lions

Julie Young Julie.K.Young at asu.edu
Fri Jan 19 07:01:07 PST 2007

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for our study
abroad course entitled: Field Ecology: Behavior and Conservation of sea
lions.  This 6-credit course will be taught at ASU and at sea lions
breeding colonies on islands in the Gulf of California, Baja, Mexico.
Focus will be on the integration of behavior and conservation biology in
the California sea lion. Students will learn and apply field methods
commonly used to study pinniped populations.  Before embarking on our
field trip, students will learn the biology of marine mammals and
ecology of the sea lions and receive training on the field methods
commonly used to estimate population size and to measure behavior on
pinnipeds at Arizona State University.  The group will be camping on
Islands in the Gulf of California, Mexico, with no facilities. Outdoor
experience and the ability to work in difficult, hot conditions for long
hours is a must.  More details can be gained at:
http://www.asu.edu/ssc/abroad/summer/mexicofieldecology.html or by
emailing julie.k.young at asu.edu.


Thank you,

Julie Young


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