[MARMAM] Volunteers needed for seal/shark predation project

adevos_zoo_staff_sci_main_uct at mail.uct.ac.za adevos_zoo_staff_sci_main_uct at mail.uct.ac.za
Wed Jan 10 03:23:35 PST 2007

Volunteers needed for behavioural study of Cape fur seal behaviour in relation
to shark predation at Seal Island, Cape Town, South Africa.

I am looking for volunteers to assist me with data collection for my
postgraduate project on Cape fur Seals. This involves field observation of Seal
groups at the island and monitoring VHF telemetry systems. The island
boasts some of the highest predation rates on seals by sharks anywhere in the
world. Volunteers must be hard-working and should ideally be in possession of a
skippers ticket. The field season runs from April - September 2007 and
volunteers would need to be available for four weeks at a time. Unfortunately
we cannot assist with living costs, but we can facilitate accomodation and
other logistical issues.

Interested parties please contact Alta de Vos at adevos at botzoo.uct.ac.za

Thank you,
Alta de Vos
MSc student,
University of Cape Town.

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