[MARMAM] Courses on cetaceans in the ACCOBAMS area

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Fri Jan 5 06:57:07 PST 2007

Dear list members

I have been asked by ACCOBAMS* to draft a list of educational 
opportunities in or near the Agreement area (Europe, North Africa, 
Mediterranean and Black Seas riverine States) for people interested 
in cetacean research, management and conservation.

Should you know about such opportunities, I would be grateful 
if you could help me ensure that my list is as complete as possible.

Please fill in the few fields below and e-mail this information back 
to me (please reply to my email, not to the list). 

If you don't possess all the necessary information, please just 
contribute what you know. 

The results of this survey, once completed, will be published 
on the ACCOBAMS web site at http://www.accobams.org 

Thank you for your help!

Giovanni Bearzi

* Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, 
Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic Area


Marine Resource Management, or other topics 
relevant for a cetacean research/management/conservation curriculum

- Facility: 
University, Faculty, other (specify)

- Kind of course(s) offered: 
MSc, PhD, other (specify)

- Location:
City, Country

- Language: 
English, Arabic etc.

- Short description of course:
max 100 words

- Duration of the course: 
minimum, specify whether weeks, months or years

- Facilities:
campus, own research vessel, laboratories etc.

- Web site: 

- Contact person for additional information:
name, address, e-mail address

- Conditions for participation:
age, degree, nationality, other requirements/limitations (specify)

- Indicative costs:
currency and time frame

-- Compiled by:
your name and e-mail address

Giovanni Bearzi, Ph.D.
bearzi at inwind.it

President, Tethys Research Institute
Viale G.B Gadio 2, 20121 Milano, Italy
tel. +39 0272001947; fax +39 0286995011

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