[MARMAM] Funding Opportunities: Requests for Proposals

Roger.gentry at comcast.net Roger.gentry at comcast.net
Thu Jan 4 10:53:27 PST 2007

The Joint Industry Programme announces three newly-posted Requests for Proposals.  They are on the subjects of: 1) mysticete hearing, 2) a survey of existing data collected by marine mammal observers, and 3) fish tissue injury from acoustic exposure.  Please see our website, www.soundandmarinelife.org, for full descriptions of the proposals we seek, and instructions for applying.  All three RFP's call for the submission of two to three page pre-proposals three weeks from now.   Please do not submit full proposals unless asked to do so by the programme.  The competition for funding under these three RFP's will be held March 5, 2007, and the final selections for funding in most cases will occur April 4, 2007.   
Posted by Roger L. Gentry, Ph. D., JIP Programme Manager, address Roger.gentry at comcast.net.
Please do not use my personal address to ask about these Requests for Proposals or other aspects of the JIP Programme.  Instead, address all inquiries to info at soundandmarinelife.org and your message will be directed to the approriate person.  Thanks, Roger
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