[MARMAM] New paper on dolphin social intelligence

Richard Connor rconnor at umassd.edu
Wed Feb 28 06:47:38 PST 2007

Dear MARMAMers,

The following publication is now available on our website 
In addition to reviewing the male alliances in Shark Bay, the paper 
explores possible reasons for the apparent convergence in the use of 
synchrony in    alliances in humans and dolphins and it also contains a 
discussion of extreme brain size evolution in mammals (humans, elephants, 

Also, for those interested in the social intelligence hypothesis, I would 
encourage you to visit the Royal Society Webpage to have a look at other 
papers in the same volume, which are derived from a meeting last year 
celebrating the 30th anniversary of Nick Humphrey's landmark publication on 
the topic.

2007. Connor R.C. Dolphin social intelligence: complex alliance 
relationships in bottlenose dolphins and a consideration of selective 
environments for extreme brain size evolution in mammals. Philosophical 
Transactions of the Royal Society B. FirstCite Early Online Publishing. 
DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2006.1997

Richard Connor

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