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Dr. Bernardo Villa-Ramirez died Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at the age of
96.  Dr. Villa started his academic career teaching children in a small
community near Teloloapan Guerrero where he was born, there he taught in
Spanish and in Nahuatl (Aztec language).  He later joined the National
University of Mexico UNAM where he was a student, professor, researcher
and professor emeritus.  He devoted his life to scientific research and
to the National University.  His work focused on various groups of
mammals and his doctoral thesis on Mexican bats is now a classic. Dr.
Villa directed countless theses on Mexican mammals, from bats to gray
whales, from biology to legal status. He was particularly attracted to
the Gulf of California where he helped establishing the Reserva Islas
del Golfo de California that now harbors more than 900 islands,
particularly Isla Rasa where he was the key stone for its conservation;
thanks to his efforts, two species of sea birds are no longer in the
brink of extinction. Dr. Villa organized and took part in the first
scientific projects working with marine mammals in Mexico studying gray
whales, sea lions, manatees, and vaquitas among others.  He is
considered the father of Mexican mammalogy.  During his lifetime he
received various awards, public recognitions and was an honorary member
of various organizations and societies.  He was the honorary life
president of the Mexican society for marine mammalogy (SOMEMMA) and the
Mexican society of mammalogists (AMMAC), Full Charter Member and
Honorary Member of the society for marine mammalogy, and most notably,
his name appears under the honorary members section in every single
issue of Marine Mammal Science published to date.

Former students and friends share this announcement with great sadness.
Rest in peace Bernardo Villa Ramirez.

Hector Pérez-Cortés M., Juan Pablo Gallo-R., Alberto Delgado E., Joel
Ortega, Irelia López. 



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