[MARMAM] SMM Northwest Student Chapter Meeting, Seattle, WA, April 14-15, 2007

John Brandon jbrandon at u.washington.edu
Tue Feb 20 01:50:53 PST 2007

The Northwest Student Chapter of the Society of Marine Mammalogy 
(NWSSMM) meeting focuses on exchanging ideas and constructive feedback 
between fellow students from the Pacific Northwest community involved in 
marine mammal research. Presentations are usually 15-20 minutes long and 
can concentrate on a research proposal, a progress report (what data you 
have and what is left to be done), a rehearsal for your defense, or a 
summary of a summer research project. If you don't have a presentation, 
you are welcome to attend, learn about current research, provide 
feedback, and network with other student researchers in our field. So, 
regardless of the stage you are at now, you can contribute to and 
benefit from this meeting!

The meeting will be held on the weekend of 14-15 April at the University 
of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) in Seattle, 
Washington. The schedule includes a full day of presentations on 
Saturday followed by an optional group dinner somewhere local.

The full meeting announcement and registration form are available on the 
NWSSMM website 

Updates about the meeting will be sent primarily over the TROLL 
listserv, so be sure to join! 

Please contact me (jbrandon at u.washington.edu) if you need clarification 
on meeting details. If you have any questions about the NWSSMM, please 
get in touch with me or the other NWSSMM contact member, Katie Luxa 
(luxak at cc.wwu.edu).


John Brandon                               
PhD student                          
University of Washington            
Seattle, Washington                      
jbrandon at u.washington.edu    

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