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Pollution of the seas with plastic garbage and its impact on marine mammals;


Dear Colleagues,

We are a small group of oceanographers and marine biologist based in
Pisa/Italy.  We are currently undertaking a study on the pollution of the
Sea of Liguria with plastic garbage and its long term effects on the marine

With our organisation Green-Ocean Marine Services, we also research the
impact of plastic ingestion on marine mammals esp. dolphins. For a period of
3 years we have documented steep rising mortality rates of dolphins in our
observation area. 

In 2006 ca. 62 % of 132 dolphin corpses found and dissected contained larger
amounts of plastic in their stomach. In all such cases ileus was found to be
the cause of death. 


In a recent study we have found the pollution rate to be 120g/m2 (plastic
per square meter standing water column) in our observation area. For this
study we have surveyed an area of 240NM2 (surface, suspense and sediment)
visually, with camera and with ROV. Data is available.


We would much appreciate if you could supply us with either of the following
research data/information (or related links):


1.	data on pollution (through plastic garbage) rates in other sea areas

a.	surface 
b.	suspense 
c.	sediment 

2.	data impact on marine mammals 
3.	data impact on marine life forms 
4.	data on plastic garbage being caught as by-catch of fishing vessels;

5.	Effects of plastic micro fibres to zooplankton + phytoplankton 
6.	related information or links 


We are currently organising a long term pilot project in Pisa/Livorno to
remove the plastic garbage from the sea. 

Any related information, which could help us to support our cause would be

We would be very grateful if you could send references or PDF files via
email to  <mailto:office at green-ocean.de> office at green-ocean.de  .


If you would like to receive a project description please notify us via


Best regards


Robert Groitl 

Dip.E.D. Oceanography 

Green Ocean Marine Services


 <mailto:office at green-ocean.de> office at green-ocean.de

 <http://www.green-ocean.de/> www.green-ocean.de

 <mailto:msthales at tim.it> office at green-ocean.de

Italien: 0039 329 069 7001

Deutschland:0049 9962 203555




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