[MARMAM] The surface behavior of the estuarine dolphin in Baía dos Golfinhos, RN, Brazil

Janaina Pauline de Araújo janainabio at yahoo.com.br
Sun Feb 18 05:31:58 PST 2007

Dear colleagues,

The following is the abstract of a recently published paper: The surface 
behavior of the estuarine dolphin in Baía dos Golfinhos, RN, Brazil: a field 
and comparative study. Antonio Souto, Janaina Pauline de Araújo, Lena Geise 
& Maria Elisabeth de Araújo. Revista Brasileira de Zoociências 8 (2): 
183-192. 2006


The estuarine dolphin or tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis (Gervais & Deville, 
1853)) is becoming the target of many behavioral and ecological studies. 
Nevertheless, an ethogram, a basic tool for more reliable research 
replication, is still missing. The present study aimed at contributing to a 
standardized partial ethogram for the behaviors of the estuarine dolphin. 
Behavioral patterns were recorded and compared to the available data in 
literature for S. fluviatilis and other species of dolphins. A total of 
eleven clear distinguishable patterns of behavior were carefully named and 
described. The ethogram obtained through this field and comparative

study is an attempt to clarify the terminologies for S. fluviatilis' 
activity, which is important for future behavioral studies.

You can download the article:


Or request it to me.
Janaina Araújo
janainabio at yahoo.com.br

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