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Jennifer Lewis jennifer.lewis1 at fiu.edu
Tue Feb 13 10:24:46 PST 2007

Revision of previous internship posting: 
Time period required is minimum one month during the below time frame.
Period of Service should read Period of Research. 
Internship: Behavioral Ecology of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Florida
Period of Service: April - October 2007
Details of Position: Work will involve assisting doctoral student with
field research on bottlenose dolphins in the Lower Florida Keys.
Responsibilities will include assisting in collection of behavior and
environmental data on dolphins and aiding with fish sampling. Off water
duties will include data entry, management and analysis in addition to
equipment maintenance. 
Interns will receive training in field and lab techniques used in
cetacean research. 
Requirements: Must be upper division undergraduate or recent graduate
from a scientific discipline. Prefer students with an interest in
continuing education beyond Bachelors. Previous field experience a plus.
Must be able to handle long hours (8+ per day) under extreme heat (up to
37 degrees Celsius). Must be in good physical condition (for deploying
and hauling nets when fish sampling).
Positions are voluntary.
All work conducted will be done under a Letter of Confirmation for Level
B Harassment (MMPA 1972).   
For further information please contact Jennifer Lewis at:
jennifer.lewis1 at fiu.edu
Doctoral Candidate
Florida International University
Department of Biological Sciences
11200 SW 8th St. 
Miami, Florida 33199
(305) 348-7429
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