[MARMAM] Cases of immunoblastic lymphoma in marine mammals

hardy Jones rangiroa2004 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 12 12:16:43 PST 2007

I am looking for any occurrance of Immunoblastic Lymphoma in dolphins or 
other marine mammals. The only reported cases have been by Dr. Greg Bossart 
who found three species of dolphin in Florida in a short period of time and 
a case in the Canary Islands.

I have asked Dr. Bossart if he knows of other incidences but he does not.

I have searched databased and found nothing but Dr. Bossart's report and the 
report from the Canaries.

I am now trying to reach any on the list who may have encountered this 
disease but not yet written it up.

Thank you, Hardy Jones

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