[MARMAM] gas refinery discharge impact on cetaceans

shay fennelly shayfennelly at eircom.net
Mon Feb 12 12:58:44 PST 2007


I am seeking information, published papers on the effects of (produced
water) marine effluent discharges from gas refinerys on marine mammals.

Discharges include Hydrocarbons(PAH,BTEX,TPH) -0.5mg/l Phenol-0.001mg/l,
Metals (As,Cd,Cr,Cu,Hg,Ni,Pb)-0.5mg/l Copper -0.05mg/l, Cadmium 0.0005mg/l,
Arsenic 0.05mg/l,Mercury-0.0001mg/l,Lead-0.005mg/l

volumn emitted per day 720 cubic metre for 15 years.

Any information appreciated.

Shay Fennelly


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