[MARMAM] A Call for Papers: Tracking Marine Vertebrates for Conservation

Brendan Godley B.J.Godley at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Feb 9 08:49:15 PST 2007

A Call for Papers: Tracking Marine Vertebrates for Conservation


The First Inter-Research Science Symposium, "Tracking Marine Vertebrates for Conservation" will be convened as part of the 27th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium, Myrtle Beach 27th February 2007. Plenary papers (listed below) will form part of a special issue of Inter-Research's fast growing conservation journal, Endangered Species Research http://www.int-res.com/journals/esr/. 


Authors of other relevant papers from all marine and terrestrial taxa are encouraged to submit manuscripts esr-submissions at int-res.com or enter into discussion with the Editor-in-Chief b.j.godley at exeter.ac.uk as to manuscript suitability. All contributions to this special issue will be published as online open access thus extremely high visibility is guaranteed.


Plenary Papers Include:


"Using telemetry to understand life-history tradeoffs in resource allocation in seals; A natural history study with conservation implications"

Mike Fedak

University of St Andrews, UK


"Satellite tracking in sea turtles: where, when, how much and, above all, why?"

Brendan Godley

University of Exeter, UK


"Progress in tracking large pelagic fishes"

Molly Lutcavage

University of New Hampshire, USA


"Identifying whale habitat and habits: issues associated with assessing natural variability and anthropogenic impacts?"

Bruce Mate

Oregon State University, USA


"Why we need a good flight recorder for wildlife before anything actually crashes".

Rory P Wilson

University of Wales Swansea, UK

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