[MARMAM] 1-2 May Symposium: “Potential Application of Quieting Technology on Large Commercial Vessels”

Brandon.Southall at noaa.gov Brandon.Southall at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 5 19:56:17 PST 2007

NOAA's Ocean Acoustics Program would like to announce an international 
symposium entitled “Potential Application of Quieting Technology on 
Large Commercial Vessels” to be held on 1-2 May 2007 at the NOAA 
campus in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.  

A multi-disciplinary steering committee (initially formed during the 
2004 symposium: “Shipping Noise and Marine Mammals: A Forum for 
Science, Management, and Technology”) is currently finalizing the 
goals, objectives, and agenda for the 2007 symposium.  At the 
symposium, speakers will discuss current knowledge and applications in 
a variety of technical subject areas.  Working groups will be formed 
and assigned specific tasks with the goals of: (1) specifying quieting 
targets; (2) producing a tangible assessment of current capabilities 
and costs; and (3) identifying the most promising opportunities given 
what is known about future trends within the vessel industry.  More 
details on the symposium will be posted to this listing in the near 
future and will be available at NOAA's Acoustics Program website 

The purpose of this email is to announce the dates for those 
interested and alert you to be aware for more detailed information 

You may contact the Acoustics Program manager 
(Brandon.Southall at noaa.gov) for more information.

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