[MARMAM] Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

Arthur Popper apopper at umd.edu
Wed Feb 7 06:27:26 PST 2007

>We are pleased to announce an international conference on Effects of 
>Noise on Aquatic Life to take place in Nyborg, Denmark August 13-17, 
>2007.  This meeting will bring together scientists and others 
>interested in the effects of anthropogenicc sound on aquatic 
>organisms to share the latest scientific information and to learn 
>from one another.  Details about the meeting can be found at: 
>Any questions about the meeting can be addressed to one of the 
>organizers listed on the web page.  Individuals interested in 
>participating should send an email to 
>Lidia.Wysocki at univie.ac.at.  Note, the closing date for expressing 
>interest in attending has been extended.
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