[MARMAM] New publication on the ETS population of Sousa chinensis

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Dear All,

I'd like to announce the following paper that is now available website below or you can contact me directly for a pdf.

Distribution, abundance and conservation status of the eastern Taiwan Strait population of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, Sousa chinensis

John Y. Wang, Shih Chu Yang, Samuel K. Hung and Thomas A. Jefferson
Mammalia (71): 157–165.  DOI 10.1515/MAMM.2007.032

In 2002, a small population of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, Sousa chinensis, was discovered in the coastal
waters of the eastern Taiwan Strait. Serious conservation concerns about this population led to a survey of most of the coastal waters of western Taiwan to better understand the status of this population. Surveys were conducted from boats (inshore waters) and a sea-kayak or land-based platforms (littoral waters inshore of large sandbars). Humpback dolphins were sighted 35 times, all within a stretch of inshore waters approximately 100 km (linear distance) and within 2 km from shore (none were observed in littoral waters). Including consideration of other records of this species, the main distribution of these dolphins was estimated to be approximately 515 km2 of water off central western Taiwan, where industrialization is a serious and rapidly increasing issue. The population’s abundance and density were estimated to be 99 individuals (coefficient of variation 51.6%) and 19.3 individuals/100 km2, respectively, which is quite low when compared to the
 Pearl River estuary population. Assessing this population using the IUCN Red List criteria resulted in a ‘‘Critically Endangered’’ categorization, reinforcing the urgency of the situation.


John Y. Wang
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