[MARMAM] Fwd: new RFP on fixed passive acoustic

Dave Mellinger David.Mellinger at oregonstate.edu
Thu Dec 6 20:03:42 PST 2007

The Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Programme (JIP) of the 
International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) has posted
a new Request for Proposals (RFP) about passive acoustic monitoring
(PAM) on its web site.  In part, the RFP says this:

Current fixed PAM technology requires further development in order to
provide an effective long term monitoring tool (detection,
classification and localisation) and therefore increase its usefulness
to Industry and the scientific community. There are a number of
autonomous buoy systems currently in use, all of which collect data
over extended periods of time, which are then collected and analysed
post data recording. A potential area of interest may be the
development of highspeed data links from fixed PAM installations to
vessel or shore-based stations for real-time data processing and
analysis of acoustic data over wide areas.

The OGP E&P Sound and Marine Life JIP is requesting proposals that

* Compiling a detailed inventory of fixed PAM technologies and methods
  that are currently available and potential new technologies and
  methods currently being developed.

* Conducting a critical review and assessment of fixed PAM
  capabilities and their application during E&P activities offshore.

* Identifying potential areas of further development in order to
  improve both effectiveness and accuracy of detecting/classifying/
  localising marine mammals at sea.

To learn more, see the JIP web site at


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