[MARMAM] Request for photos of Phoca vitulina mellonae

SealWatch Monitors monitors at sealwatch.org
Sat Aug 25 00:13:52 PDT 2007

Our recent request for Phoca vitulina stejnegeri (Insular seal) images 
on this list was well-rewarded, and we would now like to make a similar 
request for images of haulout/nursery areas of the Ungava seal (P.v. 
mellonae). While there may yet be some dispute about the taxonomic 
status of this subspecies -- a photo we had earlier received from 
Quebec has proven to be of P.v. concolor -- we would like to be able to 
present an image of a seal observed and documented in the freshwater 
regions where P.v. mellonae was identified/described/classified.

The image selected would be used initially on our Places page:
http://www.SealWatch.org/places.html with credit and info as presented 
for other images.

We are preparing for an eventual expansion of our Species page, and 
hope to provide information about each of the P.v. subspecies with at 
least one photo of each. Suitable P.v. mellonae images would enable us 
to complete that project.

Daliel Leite
mailto:monitors at sealwatch.org

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