[MARMAM] Killer whales in Utila, Honduras

Edita Magileviciute Edita at utilaecology.org
Tue Aug 14 16:04:10 PDT 2007

Hello Marmams,


Eleven killer whales there encountered on the north side of Utila, Bay
Islands, Honduras on the 9th of August. Group was composed of one adult
male, several adult females and juveniles. Seven individuals had distinct
markings on their dorsal fins. We have photos of all of them. Orcas are not
very often seen in the waters of Utila, and our organization started
cetacean research in this area just few months ago. Thus, based on the local
people knowledge it is thought that this is their migration route. We would
be very grateful if the researchers conducting surveys on killer whales in
surrounding areas could contact us, and we could compare photographs from
our catalogue and may be find out from which area these orcas are coming or
where they are going. Thank you. 



Edita Magileviciute


Head of Cetacean Research

Utila Centre for Marine Ecology

Bay Islands, Honduras C.A.


Tel: +504 425 3026

Cel: +504 98256527

Email: edita at utilaecology.org


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