[MARMAM] JOB POSTING -- 2 Marine Resource Specialists, Norfolk, VA

Shoemaker, Mandy L CIV NAVFAC LANT, EV22MS mandy.shoemaker at navy.mil
Thu Aug 9 06:32:51 PDT 2007




Job Description:

These two positions are critical natural resources positions within the
Department of the Navy and will have a direct impact on how the Navy
trains in the marine environment.  The people selected for these
positions will support US Fleet Forces (USFF) and US Pacific Fleet
(PACFLT) training around the world, along with supporting the NAVFAC
Marine Resources Support Group (MRSG).  The MRSG, established in April
2004 and headquartered in Norfolk, VA, is a group of Navy biologists,
scientists, and planners who have particular expertise or experience in
environmental planning and regulatory compliance in the marine
environment.  The people selected for these positions will serve as
liaisons with USFF and PACFLT on all marine resources related issues.
The incumbents will prepare and review marine related documentation
including marine resources assessments, density reports, mitigation and
monitoring plans, endangered species and marine mammal consultations,
Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)/Overseas EISs (OEISs),
Environmental Assessments (EAs)/Overseas EAs (OEAs), Categorical
Exclusions (Cat Ex) and related special environmental studies assessing
the environmental impacts of proposed Fleet operations, training and
homeporting/home basing actions.  The people selected will be expected
to coordinate projects with a multi-disciplinary staff and requires
expertise in principal environmental legislation and DoD policy.

These announcements are open for 1 year, however we will be pulling
applications on August 29, 2007 in order to hire two people ASAP so
please have your applications completed before that date.

The two job announcements can be found on USA Jobs:

AN142126 Natural Resources Specialist (Marine Resources), GS-401-09/12
(Salary Range: $43,731-$82,446)


AN148371 Natural Resources Specialist (Marine Resources), GS-401-05/07
(Salary Range: $28,862-$46,478)

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