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Jan Herrmann jan.herrmann at cetacea.de
Thu Aug 2 05:52:55 PDT 2007

Dear all,

here are some new publications of week 21 / 2007,
which haven't been announced on MARMAM earlier AFAIK.

By clicking the following link you are guided to 
a website, where the following references are 
linked to their according journal homepages. 
There you can find abstracts and contact 

Please do not contact MARMAM, the MARMAM editors or me for reprints. Thank you.

Thanks to all of you who sent in reprints to be 
included in the weekly announcements.

Kindest Regards,
Jan Herrmann


Belikov, R. and V.M. Bel'kovich (2007):
Whistles of beluga whales in the reproductive 
gathering off Solovetskii Island in the White Sea.
Acoustical Physics 53(4): 528-534.

Cantzler, J.M. (2007):
Environmental Justice and Social Power Rhetoric 
in the Moral Battle over Whaling.
Sociological Inquiry 77(3): 483-512.

Chivers, S.J. and K. Danil (2007):
Growth and reproduction of female short-beaked 
common dolphins, Delphinus delphis, in the 
eastern tropical Pacific.
Canadian Journal of Zoology 85(1): 108-121.

Dagleish, M.P. et al. (2007):
Isolation of Brucella species from a diseased 
atlanto-occipital joint of an Atlantic 
white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus acutus).
The Veterinary Record 160(25): 876-877.

Nagy, J.D., E.M. Victor, and J.H. Cropper (2007):
Why don't all whales have cancer? A novel hypothesis resolving Peto's paradox.
Integrative and Comparative Biology 47(2): 317-328.

Nathanson, D.E. (2007):
Reinforcement Effectiveness of Animatronic and Real Dolphins.
Anthrozoös 20(2): 181-194.

Sonne, C. et al. (2007):
Multiple Cytokine and Acute-Phase Protein Gene 
Transcription in West Greenland Sledge Dogs 
(Canis familiaris) Dietary Exposed to Organic 
Environmental Pollutants.
Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 53(1): 110-118.

Williams, R. and E. Ashe (2007):
Killer whale evasive tactics vary with boat number.
Journal of Zoology 272(4): 390-397.

Xu, S. et al. (2007):
Sequence variability at three MHC loci of finless 
porpoises (Neophocaena phocaenoides).
Immunogenetics 59(7): 581-592.

Mooers, A.Ø. et al. (2007):
Biases in Legal Listing under Canadian Endangered Species Legislation.
Conservation Biology 21(3): 572-575.



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