[MARMAM] Duke Marine Lab Job Announcement - Project Manager

Tara M. Cox tara.cox at duke.edu
Mon Apr 30 16:54:40 PDT 2007


Research project manager, Associate in Research: Center for Marine 
Conservation, Duke University Marine Lab, (MS or Ph.D. level)

We seek applicants for a new research associate position at the Duke 
University Marine Lab.  This person will coordinate administrative tasks 
and oversee research projects at the Center for Marine Conservation at the 
Duke University Marine Lab (http://marcons.env.duke.edu/). The Duke Center 
for Marine Conservation is an interdisciplinary consortium within the 
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences focusing on research, 
education, and outreach in marine conservation.

During the first year, the primary task of the research associate will be 
to manage Project GloBAL (http://bycatch.env.duke.edu/) an effort to 
improve our understanding of the effects of fisheries bycatch on seabirds, 
sea turtles, and marine mammals worldwide. The research associate will 
organize report writing, coordinate regular meetings of the principal 
investigators and staff, prepare scientific reports, and work with a 
financial official to track grant spending.  In addition, the associate 
will provide general administrative support by facilitating communication 
among project staff (approximately 15 members), coordinating domestic and 
international travel, purchasing equipment, writing abstracts, planning and 
executing scientific workshops and conference sessions, and communicating 
with the Duke University administration.  The research associate will also 
engage in data analysis, literature review, report writing, manuscript and 
grant preparation.

Excellent written and oral communication skills are required as is the 
ability to work well as part of a large research team.   The project 
manager may be responsible for organizing meetings and coordinating 
research in foreign countries, so travel experience and foreign language 
skills are a plus.  Experience with maintenance or design of web pages 
would also be helpful.

Qualifications:  Advanced degree in ecology, oceanography, fisheries, 
marine policy, marine conservation, geospatial analysis, or a related 
field.  Particularly strong organizational, communication, and project 
management skills are required, as is experience working with large 
research teams.

For more information please contact: Larry Crowder, Nicholas School of the 
Environment and Earth Sciences, Duke University Marine Laboratory, 135 Duke 
Marine Lab Rd., Beaufort, NC  28516 (lcrowder at duke.edu).

Please direct applications including CV, personal statement, and 3 
references to Amy Long (amylong at duke.edu). Application review will begin 
immediately.  Close date for the position will depend on applications 
received. Please direct questions regarding application procedure to 
amylong at duke.edu.

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