[MARMAM] US Behavioural Response Study Permit Application

Sarah Dolman sarah.dolman at wdcs.org
Sun Apr 29 07:14:15 PDT 2007

Dear MARMAM list,
I want to bring to your attention a US Federal Register notice for an
application to expose several deep diving odontocetes to a variety of
sound sources on the AUTEC naval training range in the Tongue of the
Ocean, in the Bahamas. The species to be exposed include Cuvier's and
Blainville's beaked whales, Risso's dolphins, pilot, melon-headed and
sperm whales. Exposure will include mid frequency sonar, and other
sources, to a maximum received level of 170dB. 
For more details, visit the website of the permit application:
and draft Environmental Assessment:
Whilst we need to improve our understanding of deep diving species in
order to better protect individuals and populations from intense noise
pollution, WDCS is very concerned generally about experiments that
expose whales to powerful noise sources and in the case of this study we
also note the following: 
1. the lack of baseline data of any species in the vicinity of the AUTEC
range in the Tongue of the Ocean; 
2. the unknown history of exposure of animals in an area where active
sonar is regularly used; and,
3. the level of accuracy with which the exposed individuals can be
monitored in real time. 
Any comments on the proposed scientific research application and draft
Environmental Assessment (EA) should be submitted to NMFS, as stated in
the federal register notice, and are due on or before 17th May 2007. 
Sarah Dolman 
Sarah.dolman at wdcs.org
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